best Shows for kids in Edinburgh

Shows for kids in Edinburgh

Looking for Shows for kids in Edinburgh? We have the best shows for kids to present you, so don’t miss even one in the upcoming times, and enjoy the summer with your little ones. Do not forget to also have a look at our other posts, such as superhero shows for children and music shows for kids in Birmingham

Most known for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which dominates people’s thoughts about Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh offers many great things to do throughout the year.

Best Shows for kids in Edinburgh


Either you are having a sip of coffee of the Brew Labs quality filter coffees and espresso blends, or just taking a stroll through the large, leafy Meadows, among many other activities, you are bound to find for yourself why, blending historical and cultural attractions and fun, family friendly activities, and nightlife as well, it is the second most popular tourist destination in the United Shows for kids in Edinburgh

Fossil Hunters: Unearthing the Mystery of Life on Land

It is an extraordinary exhibition exploring the transition of life from water to land 360–340 million years ago, wich is a huge evolutionary step without which humans would not exist today.

They offer a great collection of fossils from this period, which were recently discovered in Scotland.

If you are looking for Shows for kids in Edinburgh, you certainly need to check these fossil hunters.

Gangsta Granny

David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny, an acclaimed stage show which will now see its world premiere and then begins touring around the country.

It is being staged by the Birmingham Stage Company, producers of Horrible Histories. The story begins on a Friday night, which means that Ben is going to stay with Granny!

Ben finds it very boring. He always has cabbage soup, cabbage pie and cabbage cake. What Ben is unaware is that Granny has a secret – and Friday nights are sure to get much more exciting than he could ever imagine! 

Let’s watch this show and find all the adventures that are coming! Shows kids in Edinburgh

Foodies Festival

If you are looking for different Shows for kids in Edinburgh, you can enjoy the foodies festival of this year. This year it will be completely dedicated to epicureans, and they are going to have lots of offers from local producers and workshops for food lovers (kids and adults too!). 

Last year this festival was amazing, counting with over 38.000 visitors, and this year it promises to be even better.

Wee Treasures

This is our last choose for Shows for kids in Edinburgh, and we end it with a brand new regular storytelling program especially for younger children and their families.

You will enjoy fun rhymes and songs, puppets and lots of opportunities, this show promises to become the favourite of the kids. 

There you have it, either if you’re a local who was just wondering where to take the small ones this weekend or if you’re visiting “Auld Reekie”, now you know just what some of the best Shows for kids in Edinburgh. Enjoy.

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