Santa Claus visit on Christmas Day

Santa Claus visits on Christmas Day

Nothing better than having Santa Claus visits on Christmas Day! Ho-Ho-Ho’s can put a huge smile in all kids face only blinking one of an eye. Nowadays they can meet Father Christmas in so many places that all their dreams can come true!

Santa Claus visits on Christmas Day: A Big surprise! 

Santa Claus came on the Christmas Day and he is enchanting all kids in the country! Having a Santa Claus visit on Christmas Day is the dreaming of every child and it came true for many of them. No matter if they were only waiting for a present, a picture or Christmas spirit, we can tell you that many children had feel his presence at midnight December 24.


All over the world there are many children in hospitals centres and it can be more sad that pass Christmas Day in there. However most of these kids had a surprise and were visited by Santa Claus. On of those “lucky” children were on London Health Sciences Centre. They meet Father Christmas and received a gift from him.

The happiness in the children’s eyes is the most beautiful thing that we can ever seen in our whole life and when we are talking about seek kids it gives us a special feeling.

Christmas is a special time that usually warms the hearts of all people. Therefore it is so special look at these little debilitated children and that’s why it is so important Santa Claus visits on Christmas Day! 

SANTA CLAUS VISITS POOR CHILDRENSanta Claus visits Christmas Day

Father Christmas is not only the one who dresses in red with a white long beards! In many African countries many children do not even know what they are Christmas presents and any gift would make their Christmas the best in the world. In fact … For many of them having a meal at Christmas already become it the best of all days!

For some Cape Verde boys this Christmas was proof that good things can still happen. A former player of Sport Lisboa e Benfica from Portugal travelled there and took with him some boots to offer them.

The joy of those children was visible but, to everyone’s surprise, who turned out to give us a great lesson of Christmas were precisely those boys. Santa Claus visit on Christmas Day

While playing football with their new soccer shoes other boys arrived, barefoot. What was the amazement of everyone when they began to take off one football boot and offered the other to the newcomers.

Without selfishness, an authentic sharing environment, these boys played football with only one football boot on the feet! They proved that love, solidarity and sharing exist, and always come to those who we least expect it!

They really gave us a good lesson: No matter how much you have, the important is how you share it, and there are nothing compared with the eye lightening of those children that felt Christmas in their hearts. This was the real Santa Claus visits on Christmas Day.

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