organising your kid's first halloween party ideas

Organising your kid’s first Halloween party

Organising your kid’s first Halloween party can be very tough, but I can assure you it will be truly pleasant too! Check our tips in this post and I am sure your Halloween party will be unforgettable! Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as organising kids parties outdoors and theatre for kids in London

Halloween is coming! Yeah! Kids are expecting it for months, and now that it is coming they are more anxious than ever! So, to please your kids, did you decide to organise a Halloween party? Is it your first? Now I am going to tell you how to make an excellent party!

Organising your kid’s first Halloween party – Make it unforgettable! 


Organising your kid’s first Halloween party can be easier then you might be thinking. You just need to follow some steps. Have a look!


The decoration of a party is always very important, after all, it is the decoration that kids see first and is what will make them feel the party spirit.

As we are talking about a Halloween party, you will have to bet on black and orange as the base colours for decoration.organising your kid's first halloween party ideas

You can use these colours with balloons, ribbons and bows. To make the environment even scarier, print images of bats,  witches, ghosts or haunted houses. Why not put some of these images in the windows? It will be scary!

We can not also forget about pumpkins. After all, they are the icons of this time of year. Place a candle inside, and cut the pumpkin with a single image. Kids love things that surprise them!


When you are Organising your kid’s first Halloween party you must think about your party invitations. This is an important piece of the party because this will be the entry door of the party spirit. organising-kids-first-halloween-party

Put allusive images to the theme, such as vampires, ghosts, witches, bats, skulls, skeletons, among others.

Do not forget to put all the data on invitations such as date, location, hours, and other information. If you want children to come masked, also include in the invitation.


The food has to be thought of fondly when you are Organising your kid’s first Halloween party. In addition, it has to be scary, but has to be very appetising too!

Make traditional sandwiches and mini pizzas, but keep the theme. To this, you can cut it in the form of bats, witches, or ghosts.organising-kids-halloween-party

Also make a cake in the form of a witch hat, or pumpkin shape.

Place fruits and vegetables on a plate so that they make drawings of scary faces.

Do not forget the traditional caramelised apples.

Buy some small bottles of water, line them with paper with images of Halloween.

Now you just need to think about your party entertainment. Plan some great activities and games, and I am sure your party will be just unforgettable! Don’t you think Organising your kid’s first Halloween party will be just fun?

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