Kids Music and Concerts- London Philharmonic orchestra

Kids Music and Concerts

Are you looking for Kids Music and Concerts? There is no doubt that music is very important for children’s development, and it can be very helpful to improve your kids’ school results. There are many Kids shows in London, and all over the UK that you can enjoy. Take a look at what is going on! 

Now it is the time to let you know the concerts you have at your disposal in London that you can enjoy with your whole family. Kids Music and Concerts- classical music

Introducing classical music to the kids can be very challenging, but when they like, that couldn’t be better! So, we have checked family classical concerts that you can enjoy with your little kids.

Kids Music and Concerts in London

You can enjoy kids music and concerts at the Royal Festival Hall.

You can hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra which will play a selection of their favourite pieces. This is a full one-hour show and it offers engagement and lots of fun! It is great to introduce the little ones to orchestral music.

The best part is that you can make the concert into a full day’s event for the whole family. There are many free pre-and post-concert activities, so there are no excuses not to go there!

You can have a go on a tuba or a harp or any other instrument you like, there are many workshops for kids, and there is a festival atmosphere with post-concert performances.  Kids Music and Concerts- London Philharmonic orchestra

The sessions take place from 10 to 12 pm. So, don’t be late and enjoy a full day with your whole family and lots of music!

The FUNHarmonics family concerts are happening all over the year, so pay attention to their programme and don’t miss a thing! Do you want more  kids music and concerts? 

You can also introduce your kids to music world through a visit at Barbican Music Library on 19th March from 10.30 am. to 12 pm in Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London.

You will be able to enjoy a Barbican Music Library Tour, with Richard Jones, a tour of the Library’s extensive loan stock of scores, CDs, DVDs with all kind of music (classical, pop, jazz, folk, and all the other musical styles), and you will also check the collection of periodicals and books! Isn’t it great? Kids Music and Concerts- Barbican Music Library

Here you can also enjoy Electronic Resources such as Oxford Music Online, which is great! This way you will listen to every music you wish!

Your little ones will meet music makers, the local making music team. They will be also available to ask questions to them, so your kids won’t leave there with any doubts!

The best part is that this tour is free for member and non-members of the Barbican Music Library! So, don’t wait any longer and book now your tour!

Aren’t these Kids Music and Concerts awesome? Enjoy them!

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