Funny birthday cards

There is nothing like Funny birthday cards to steal a huge smile of the birthday person. This is a great way to remember our friends, and especially kids love some birthday cards that make them laugh! Let’s have a look some great ideas! You can also have a look at our previous posts, such as organising your kid’s first Halloween party and organising kids parties outdoors

 If you are thinking about offering a birthday card, then you certainly need to have a look at our funny ideas! There is no better way to get a big smile than include funny birthday cards in our gifts!

Funny Birthday Cards ideas


It is very common to offer a birthday card to our friends in their birthday. If the birthday person has sense of humour, that’s great!

You can send a funny birthday card to her, and I am sure you are going to make a huge success! funny-birthday-card

There are many funny birthday cards that fit in almost everyone. So, let’s take some ideas!

Do it yourself! 

Why not to paste some funny pictures of you in your birthday card? Do not you have any? Well, in this case, and if you do not have any talent to drawing, why not draw some pictures of you? Your friend will cry from laughing so hard with your “huge” talent to arts!

You can also add your jokes and messages in the cards. That way you will get some unique birthday cards, and your friend will love it!

You can also get your cards on the Internet. Nowadays you have many options, and you can also make some changes in them, and then print at home.

Music Cards

If you are looking for funny birthday cards, this can be a perfect option for you. In fact, these cards are doing a huge success, and the stores have been selling them just like water! funny birthday cards ideas

They look like a usual card outside, but when you open it, it will play a song, or tell a message. So, pick up a song that you like, or that you find funny, and offer to your friend.

You still have the option of purchasing a recorder birthday card in which you can record a message for when your friend open it.

Picture Cards

As I have told you earlier, you can make a card with some funny pictures. In fact, there is nothing funnier than a lot of pictures where you and your friend are making some comic faces.

This way, your friend will remember all the moments you spent together, and he will save it as a souvenir forever!

You can also pick a picture of your friend when he was young. It is always fun!

Tie the card and the picture together, using a funny bow. You can create these picture cards online, or you can do it yourself pasting a picture in the front of a fold piece of paper.

So, what do you think about our ideas of funny birthday cardsLet us know your suggestions. We are happy to hear you!

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