Christmas original gifts kids

Christmas original gifts for kids

There are a lot of Christmas original gifts for kids and we all know how much they like them. Cars, dolls, Barbie dolls, balls, pyjamas. All the kids are expecting to get those things for Christmas. They love getting little toys, but nothing beats the surprise of opening a gift without knowing what awaits them.

Some ideas for Christmas original gifts for kids

When you go to a toy store for children, you have at your disposal a huge amount of games, dolls, clothes. First of all you have to know what you want to give to your kid. You can buy it or do it by yourself. The last option is, absolutely, the most original.

Christmas original gifts kids
Christmas original gifts for kids
  • Whipping-top – A traditional game that children don’t usually know. In the past, those whipping-tops were the dream of every kid. Nowadays with all the technology available parents think the greatest gifts are those that are expensive, like playstation, computer and cellphones. Actually kids love simple gifts that make them dream.
  • Books – This is not an original gift but we could not forget to mention it. It’s very important that children have a lecture habit to be successful in the school, work and life. And no matter what the others say, the books are always in child’s memories like a sign of care, attention, love and a lot of affection.
  • Canvas – We usually forget to stimulate our children for arts. Painting, Music, Dance and Poetry are areas that usually kids love. So give them some canvas, paints and brushes or simply a radio so they can listen to music. I assure you that those are Christmas original gifts for kids. You can also think about some dance and music classes, or just a musical instrument to your kid have some fun and also learn to apprehend art! And what about puppets? What a beautiful idea!

    Christmas original gifts for kids
    Gifts for Kids
  • Zoo Tickets – Kids love animals, the zoo, and going out. Why don’t you give them a zoo ticket? You can buy a ticket for a zoo outside the city so they can see new places and have a good time watching the animals and plants that have there and spend an amusing time with the family.
  • Theatre Tickets – At Christmas season there’s a lot of theatre performances for children, but not only in this special time. Buy a ticket and go watch a play with your family. Certainly your kid will not forget it.

You can also make some Christmas original gifts for kids. It’s not very easy but if you know your kid well and you have a thing for manual arts, you can try making something yourself. You can make your own Teddy bear, custom clothing, and painted furniture by yourself, with your kid’s name or with an animal he likes.

No matter how you will get your Christmas present, you have to ensure that children will not receive anything as special and they will love it. Follow some of the tips we showed you above and choose Christmas original gifts for kids.

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