1st year old birthday party

1st year old birthday party

The 1st year old birthday party is magical! We all know the happiness that is celebrating the first anniversary of our little boy. It is the first party to do to him and you want it to be special. Here are some thoughts to will make this day phenomenal.

1st year old birthday party – Make it Great!1st year old birthday

First of all Congratulations to you, Mom and Dad! It is a major milestone in your life and for sure you will celebrate many birthdays yet. Here are some tips that can help you organize your 1st year old birthday party the best way possible.

  1. Hours – Your child is still a baby, so do not make a party for the whole day. Plan it for one hour, two at the most. Also choose the best time, which is usually after the baby take his nap, or late in the morning or in the evening so your smaller is not tired.1st old birthday party
  2. Guests – We know that when we are doing the guest lists we did not stop. But we cannot forget that we are talking about a baby. Then invite very important people only. So will not expose your baby to great confusion and still have a lower cost.
  3. Help – a small child gives immense work and attached to the work, household activities and the organization of a party is extremely difficult. Ask close family members of aid to help you to welcome guests and make the preparations 1st year old birthday party. 

Ideas for 1st year old birthday party

  1. Play place – Keep a place where your child can play. He is too little to realize you
    have to pay attention to the guests. This is your role. So make sure that your child has fun. And have some fun too. Although your baby don’t understand what you say he can reach if you are stressed or relaxed.  birthday party
  2. Enjoy it – Do not stress too much. Your child has no notion of what is going on around him and, moreover, he will not remember ever his first birthday. It’s a party for parents, after all is an important milestone in your life, so enjoy the day as you deserve. Share the love you have and sure your 1st year old birthday party will be special.1st year old
  3. Decoration – The decorations should be appropriate to the occasion. Babies love colorful balloons and paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Combine different colors to make the most welcoming environment and not use bright colors to not hurt the eyes of the little one. Light blue, light pink, yellow, white, light green. Colors that your baby loves.
  4. 1st year old birthday Hats – Do you know those party hats? They give a fun and informal air to your party and babies find huge joke to them.
  5. Cupcakes – They cannot miss. Place flags with funny designs on top, It will give a special touch to your table.

Make sure you provide harmony and especially a lot of love and your 1st year old birthday party will be the best ever!

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